Give away / Present Campaign

How to Join

Simply tweet anything that includes the word "LenMiku" or レンミク in the #dynaMicLetter hashtag, you can tweet in it multiple times, however, your user will be counted only a single entry!

Draw something and add the #dynaMicLetter hashtag to it! Each drawing counts three times an entry!

As a thank you for joining us, drawings might be showcased in a small gallery in the website linking back to your twitter account, if you have any problem please let us know



  • At least colored please!
  • No copy, trace, repost, etc. Drawing must be your own
  • Be sure to keep it all-public friendly
  • Anything LenMiku is fine, default outfits, modules, original or 'dynaMicLetter' outfits (yet to be revealed at a way later date)
  • Max number of drawings is 3, you can keep drawing for it but we will only count 3 of those drawings max!

Important notes

  • Please note this is not a contest, the winner could either be a text entry or drawing entry picked at random.
  • Be sure to have your DMs open.
  • WorldWide Shipping.
  • You must be comfortable sharing your home address.
  • ENDS: Oct 1st
  • 1 Winner!

Extra Notes

  • Separating names in your tweet is OK too (example: Len & Miku, My favorite Miku song is ~ and my favorite Len song is ~, I love artwork where Len cooks for Miku, etc)
  • Let's keep text-only entries friendly-sounding as well! (Don't be rude, etc)
  • It could change but at the moment there will be only one winner
  • Prize is a copy of the book along with a novelty good♪